5 Promising Start-ups of the Post-pandemic Era

These 5 start-ups have not only ridden out the pandemic, but more than that, they’ve evened the path to growth.


Video teleconferencing hosting platform Hopin was turning venture capitalists’ heads even before the pandemic. Johnny Boufarhat, a first-time British entrepreneur, founded Hopin in 2 019 as an online platform connecting business people with potential clients, allowing them to engage in virtual talks, come together in breakout rooms, and network one-on-one. 

Proposing a cost-effective alternative to large-scale tradeshows and conferences, Hopin started 2020 with 10,000 conference organisers on its waiting list, seeking early access. The pandemic outbreak earlier that year propelled the company to new heights. Hopin raised a whopping $125 million in a B-round fundraising series, bringing the overall company valuation to $2.1 billion. 

Thriving during the pandemic, the company saw its user base grow exponentially from 16,000 in March to 3.5 million by the end of the year. Fledgling quite quickly, Hopin grew its workforce from eight people when it set out to 350 employees. Now that’s growth!

But Hopin is not the only rising star of the post-pandemic era. Setting out in 2009, SBOING.NET is a revolutionary Information Communications and Technology (ICT) business developing a collaborative Web 2.0 - Web 3.0 solution for collecting, processing and distributing traffic data to improve navigation. Forget random recalculation!

Leveraging gamification, crowdsourcing, social networking and digital currency concepts, SBOING allows users to record their routes and exchange them with free navigation software and world maps using a credit-based system. Through a sophisticated process of all user traces and other traffic data, SBOING maintains an interactive and valid worldwide database of traffic data. Faster, smoother and smarter than any GPS!

With a total investment of £1 million that the company has managed to raise so far and a valuation of £16 million, SBOING comes with a viable value proposition likely to withstand the passage of time. So, if you’re an investor looking for new opportunities, SBOING is worth considering.

Next on our excellence list is Carbonds, a Web 3.0 environmental platform that seeks to stamp out green-washing by digitising the carbon footprint of businesses and industries by issuing non-fungible tokens. The ambitious start-up takes pride in creating a decentralised outlet for certified carbon credits, enabling companies to neutralise their carbon emissions. Additionally, Carbonds proposes to support and finance environmental projects through Carbonds tokens.

While the initiative may not be new, it is innovative in that it marries the tech-driven idea of Web 3 and NFTs with the forward-thinking green energy and environmental “repair” mandate that the world’s governments strive to address. Therefore, if you seek diversification across green start-ups, Carbonds will offer you that. Launched at WebSummit 2022, the company is listed by France Digital with other 1073 French impact start-ups and is a member of the GreenTech Alliance.

Punk Money is an excellent addition to a well-balanced EIS investment portfolio. Proposing a payment and lending solution for social good, Punk Money is a UK-based fintech that facilitates peer-to-peer loans. The loan terms are established directly between the lender and borrower via a slick mobile app. No intermediaries and no stress! Repayments and loan agreements are managed by Punk Money based on terms pre-agreed by the lender and borrower, respectively.

Guess what - the Beta product is already live and counts 2000 active new users. The platform’s lending transaction volume for the past 12 weeks sits at £350k. Hiring experts from Monzo, Ogilvy, Grey and other high-profile industry leaders, Punk Money sets out to disrupt the retail banking system. 

RoziHub, our lucky number 5, is the first and only platform in Europe and Asia to provide a full range of professional services to businesses across industries. From business development to compliance to co-working business centres and virtual training and workshops, there is virtually no corporate service that RoziHub cannot provide.

By connecting top talent with businesses, RoziHub creates an open marketplace driven by collaboration. Empowering digital nomads as well as businesses, it serves as a launchpad for all players across industries. 

If you decide to support RoziHub, you should know that the company uses an aggressive growth strategy. More details about RoziHub and other fast-growing start-ups may be found on fundmypitch.com.

Fundmypitch offers a gateway to investments for start-ups seeking funds while providing great portfolio diversification to high-net-worth investors and venture capitalists searching for new income streams. Hoping that we’ve managed to catch your interest with our brief start-up introduction, we invite you to have a look around and invest or get in touch for advice.